Investment Criteria

Industries Health, science, medical and wellness companies and technologies.
Investment Stage Early stage, typically well before a product is ready for public availability.
Investment Level Up to $3,000,000 per portfolio company; the underserved gap between angel investors and institutional venture capital.
Desired Investment Characteristics
  • Innovative product or technology
  • Shorter exit horizon
  • Attractive market segments
  • Solid intellectual property position
  • Strong, experienced management
  • Favorable market environment
  • Low barriers to acceptance
  • Low overhead, capital efficient model
Working with Portfolio Companies SHD maintains very positive and productive working relationships with its portfolio companies, providing as much (or as little) assistance as needed. Rather than take control of a company and make management/founders feel like employees instead of owners, SHD invests in "smaller" amounts resulting in management/founders retaining a more meaningful ownership in the company and aligning everyone's interests more appropriately.

Our Fund Structure

SHD utilizes a unique fee structure that we believe is much more limited partner friendly than other venture or private equity funds. To the extent of availability, we will offer our investors the right to co-invest in portfolio companies on an unpromoted basis. Messrs. Romano and Fitts receive no compensation or carried interest from SHD. Each general partner has invested a substantial amount in each of the funds on the same terms as our other investors.